Optimized Air Indoor temperature (Summer and Winter) with all in one Air Handling Unit and exceptional energy recovery at 8 EER.
  • Fast and low cost installation
  • High Reliability
  • Low noise level

ReCooler HP is easy to design and install. There is no need to install any pipe work or boiler – just make the electrical connections and the unit is ready to operate. Recooler HP is a compact and efficient installation with no outdoor condenser fans making noise and consuming energy. The ReCooler HP gives you a space efficient and compact installation and is easily selected in our product selection tool Acon. This product contains fluorinated greenhouse gas, R410A, with a GWP-factor of 2088. Refrigerant quantity: 3,8 – 11,8 kg, corresponding to 7,9 – 24,6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.